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How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

How to Add an Admin to a Facebook Page

In the world of Social Media, it can become hard work for one person to singularly manage a Facebook page or any business’s social media account. That is where Facebook admins come into the equation; they allow multiple people at different levels to manage a Facebook page, easily spreading the responsibilities and workload across multiple people – or allowing you to kick back and relax while you monitor someone else managing your page.

So for the benefit of all your business owners or managers, I’ve created this blog post to show you how to add an admin to your Facebook page and describe the different levels you can do so and the kind of access they allow.

Firstly you’ll need to go to your Facebook page. At the top of the page, fourth tab across, will be a ‘Settings’ tab.

FB page admin settings tab

Once you have clicked on the settings tab it will automatically take you to a ‘General’ tab on the left-hand-side menu that has now showed up. You’ll want to click on the fifth option down; ‘Page Roles’.

Facebook admin 'page rolls' tab

Now your screen should look something like this:

Page Rolls on Facebook

As you can see, the Localisers Facebook page has five ‘Admins’. Four of them are at the highest level; ‘Admin’ and the other one is at the ‘Advertiser’ level – I’ll go into further detail about each level further in this blog post.

To add another admin there is the option to type a name or email at the bottom of the page; see below.

Add an admin to a Facebook page

It gives you the option to type a name or email because to make someone an admin of your page it doesn’t require them to be your friend on there in the first place. If you are friends with the person you want to make an admin, type their name and the option should come up to select them. If they’re not, type in the email they use to log into Facebook with and it will send them an invite to become an admin of your page.

Below where you type the persons name or email, you’ll notice the little blue ‘Admin’ text, if you click this it will open a drop-down menu where you can select the different level/roles you can give that person.

Admin levels on Facebook

Each role has a different level of things that person can do within the page, the default role is set to ‘Admin’, the highest authority role there is, with the lowest being Analyst. Below is a brief description of what each role allows to help you chose the right level.

  • Admin – Is the only one able to add other admins and manage/remove existing ones, post to the page/delete posts, edit the page, respond to and delete comments, reply/send messages as the page, create and manage ads, view the page’s insights and see who else has posted as the page.
  • Editor – Can edit the page, post and send messages as the page, manage all comments and posts posted on the page, create ads, view the page insights and see who else has posted as the page.
  • Moderator – Can see who posted as the page, view the page insights, create ads, send/reply to messages as the page and respond to and delete comments/posts to the page.
  • Advertiser – Can only create ads, view the insights and see who posted as the page.
  • Analyst –  Is the lowest roles, admins set as this role can only view the page insights and see who has posted as the page.

In addition, you can also head over to the Facebook help page here which also describes the 5 different roles.

Finally, once you have selected the person you want to make an admin and which role they will be given, click save and Facebook will ask you to type in your password (for security reasons) then send the invitation for the person to accept and voilà! You have successfully added a new admin to your page!

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