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How To Claim A Claimed Google+ Page

How To Claim A Claimed Google+ Page

Over the past year, I have came across a variety of problems with Google+ pages and the most common one is trying to claim a claimed Google+ page. Usually a Google+ will already be claimed if an old business owner has it within his account but forgot to hand it over, or it could even be an employee that claimed it without permission.

How Do I know If Someone has Claimed My Google+ Page?

Assuming you already have a Google account (if not, just create one), go to and sign in.

  1. Once signed in, click the blue button that says ‘Get Your Page’.
  2. Then select ‘Shop Front’. This will now allow you to search for you Google+ page so start by entering the business name.
  3. Once you find the page for your business, click on it.
  4. If it has already been claimed by someone else, you should see this:

Request For Ownership of Google+

Click ‘Request Admin Rights’ and fill in the details on the page that is show. Once you fill in the information, it will send the original owner of the Google+ page an email informing them that you are trying to claim it. So if any of your employees have claimed it and then abandoned it, they will be notified and can then choose to grant you access. It will also send you an email, stating that if you get no reply from the original owner within 7 days, to reply to the email from Google and they will try to sort it out from you. I was in the same situation not long ago but Google never replied to my email so there was no other option but to call them.

If you are certain that no one will reply for what ever reason, or if they have not replied within the 7 days, go to the Google My Business Support Centre and click ‘Contact Us’ in the top right hand corner. This should display a ‘Call Us’ button, allowing you to speak to a specialist so you should be able to claim the page over the phone. To cut out all the running around, I advise you to have an email address that ends with the company domain ( which will be used to verify that you are an authorised representative.

I hope this guide helps as I have been in this situation many times before and it can be painfully long, but now you should have control of your Google+ page within 1-2 weeks if you choose to wait for a reply. If you do have any questions, please leave a comment below. That’s it for this week guys.

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