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Basic Website Optimisation For Local SEO

Basic Website Optimisation for Local Search

Hi guys and welcome back to the third blog post of the series. Today I will be talking about how to optimise your website for Local Search. Website optimisation is really simple but is also one of the most important tasks to get your Local SEO working properly.

*Just a quick tip to those who have a WordPress site, I recommend using WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast as it is an extremely useful plugin for optimising a website.

What are Search Engines looking For?

All search engines want to do is make their users have a good experience. So that means show them relevant and useful content on a responsive and user friendly site. So how do search engines determine the relevancy?

  • Content – Your site needs to be relevant to what the user is looking for
  • Site Performance – Your site needs to work properly and respond at a fast enough speed
  • Site Authority – Your content needs to be good enough so other people refer to your posts
  • User Experience – Can users easily find what ever they are looking for on your site?

Three Things Not To Do

  • Keyword Stuffing – Overusing keywords on your pages
  • Bad Links – Buying links will get you nowhere when it comes to SEO
  • Bad User Experience: If people can not easily use your site, they will leave and use a different website

1. Page Titles

Page titles are extremely important when it comes to optimising your site, especially for local search. If I had £1 for every poorly optimised page title I have seen I wouldn’t be sitting here telling you how to do it! Lets give you a quick example of a bad page title:

Services – Jonnys Madeup Business     can you spot what is wrong with this? 

  1. It doesn’t mention the target area
  2. It do not mention the service/product

Roofing in Birmingham – Jonnys Madeup Business     Now as you can see I haven’t done much, but that’s all it takes!

To have any chance in competing in local search, it is a must that you enter the target location in the page title, but don’t be spammy:

Good Quality Roofing in Birmingham, Manchester, Roofing in London, Lincolnshire Roofing, Nottingham – Jonnys Madeup Business

2. Headline

The page title, headline and content all needs to match. Users have 3 levels of trust and you will only gain the trust if all three things are relevant. The first step is the page title as mentioned previously. If the page title matches somewhere along the lines of what the searcher was looking for , then level 1 of trust is complete. The second level of trust is all to do with the headline, so make sure it is similar to the page title. The final level of trust is when the users reads the content (body text).

3. Content

As I have just mentioned, make sure it is relevant all the way through. Another tip is making sure you use the keyword you want to target when writing your content. So if you have a page about ‘roofing services’, make sure you mention it every now and then and also try to work in the location too. But remember, don’t be spammy:

The amazing roofing services that Jonnys Madeup Business has to offer in Birmingham are some of the greatest roofing services in Birmingham. For all of your roofing services needs call our Birmingham office on our roofing services phone number which is a local number for Birmingham.


4. Meta Description

Just to clear things up, a meta description will not improve your rank in Google, but it could improve your click through rate. A meta description is the short grey text under each search result that talks about what is on the page…usually. Again, you want to try and include the keyword and location because if someone searches for ‘web designer in london’ and you have ‘web designer’ & ‘london’ in your meta description, it will display the keywords in bold. Here is a great example:

Meta Description Optimisation

5. User Experience

The biggest step in providing great user experience on your website is to have a responsive (mobile-friendly) site. There are over 1.2 billion people accessing the web from their mobiles and there are a bunch of other really cool stats that I could include in this post, but the iPhone 9 will be out by the time you have finished reading them. Basically, more and more people are using their phones and tablets to access the web, but if your site is not responsive, I can guarantee you they will not have a good user experience and will most likely never return to your site again. It is becoming so important, that even Google is testing out ways to alert users in search results which sites are responsive and which ones aren’t.

So, What have you learnt?

Well we have learnt that Jonny likes to mention Birmingham & Roofing Services a lot! But seriously guys, as you can see this stuff isn’t rocket science and you can easily start to believe that more is better which quite frankly, is not the case! It is all about the user and making sure they have a good experience when visiting your site, whether that be on a laptop or a mobile phone.


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