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Profile Picture and Header Sizes

Profile Picture and Header Sizes

So we all have this issue… In our marvelous minds some of us are able to memorize the first ten numbers of Pi (3.141592653), remember our sister’s favorite colour, tell you how many moons Saturn has got (62) and the majority of us can remember family birthdays – but can we remember the correct dimensions for profile pictures and headers/cover photos? Nope.

That is why, for your future reference and mine, I’ve created this short-and-sweet blog post to tell you what sizes to use for headers/cover photos on the four main social platforms;

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn


A.K.A – the mother of all social media platforms. Now for your Facebook cover and profile photo the dimensions are 851px by 315px for your cover photo and 180px by 180px for your profile photo.

Cover photo dimensions

As you can see in the Facebook page “Cover Photo Size” image above, there is the overlap to consider where your profile photo sits over the cover image; make sure this part of the photo isn’t of real importance but there is still something there just in case someone decides to view the image itself.

If you want to go all out creative on your cover photo, there is link below to the Cover Photo Size page. It has some pretty amazing cover photos and images from people all across Facebook.



For your Twitter profile picture the recommended profile picture size is 400px by 400px. As always if it’s larger you can crop your image down or “zoom out” to make it slightly smaller, but I recommend using an image of the correct dimensions to keep your image at a high-quality.

The dimensions for your header image are slightly more complicated; the recommended size is 1500px by 500px, but, 70px on both the top and bottom of the image won’t be shown. Making it a little harder to get our image to fit ‘perfectly’. To get around this I would highly recommend using something like Canva. It allows you to edit and create images of a range of sizes, using their images/icons/fonts etc. The major benefit of Canva is that it already has a selection of templates – one of them a Twitter header, saving you the stress of trying to work past those 70-pesky-pixels!

canva homepage



One thing I personally think is really cool about your Google+ page is the ability to have a transparent profile picture, you can do this by making your image a .png file with a transparent background. The dimensions for it are 250px by 250px. I personally think your business logo with a transparent background looks the most professional and aesthetically pleasing.

For your cover image the recommended size is 1080px by 608px, but it allows you to upload images as small as 480px by 270px and images as large as 2120px by 1192px. Of course then you have to select/crop the area of the image you want to use. As for the “blurry” part of the image on your profile, beneath your name, address and other details, Google duplicates part of your uploaded image, so you don’t need to worry about part of your image not being legible.

Google+ header image



Header images for your profiles on LinkedIn are a fairly new feature, they sit behind your profile picture and general information – sort of like a “back-drop” for your profile. The standard header size is 1400px by 425px, but as it sits behind your profile so some parts of the image aren’t shown I’d recommend using an image that represents your business, or what you do, and frames your profile nicely.

LinkedIn profile header image


You can also have header images for company and showcase pages (I’ll go into more detail on these in a separate blog post). For a company page header you’ll need an image of 646px by 220px and for a showcase page you’ll need an image of 974px by 330px.

Profile/Logo images are at a pretty standard size of 450px by 450px.


Little Bit of Advice

When creating header images the one thing I really dislike is people putting their prices on them – you don’t want to include prices here, people are coming to you social pages to interact with you, scope you out or they’ve just found you. Shoving your prices in front of them won’t convince them you can do a good job for their money (if you offer a service) or that they should buy your product. It should be a good representation of what you do as a business and showing off your skills or product.

Hope this helps, see you guys next Tuesday!

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