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Website Tweaks for Restaurants

Website Tweaks for Restaurants

Over the past month I have reviewed a range of websites for restaurants to identify the common mistakes, and from that I now have a list of the top 5 tweaks to help improve usability and also visibility in search results.

Page Titles

There are some very simple tweaks that you can make to page titles that could provide huge improvements to your rank in search results. A majority of the sites that I looked at had not completed any website optimisation what so ever. The most popular page titles for a restaurant websites homepage was:


What is Home? Home of what? This is how the page title for the Home page should look like:

‘Indian Restaurant in Birmingham – Restaurant Name

When optimising your site, remember to be specific about the service your provide and also mention your location in the page title as shown above. But please, please please do not over spam your page titles like this guy:

‘Birmingham Indian Restaurant in Birmingham – Best in Birmingham, Birmingham Indian Restaurant | Indian Restaurant’

You have to remember that people will see these page titles when they search for you in Google, so remember to make them as user friendly as possibly and try to avoid the spammy look.


Can people easily navigate around your site when viewing it on a mobile? 75% of smartphone users search for restaurant info while on the go. A great way to track how many people visit your site using a mobile device is Google Analytics. By setting it up on your site, you can view a range of user behaviours and a bunch of other stats that may change and improve your marketing plan. Google is even making responsive websites a ranking factory in the mobile algorithm. People tend to get frustrated when viewing a non-responsive site on a mobile as it is hard to use and read, making them unhappy. All Google wants to do is make its users happy, by showing relevant content on a user friendly site.

Easy To Book

While we are still on the topic of usability, have a quick think about your site and the contact details your users may want to find when viewing your site. As an experiment, get someone you know who has never visited the site and let them view the site on a mobile and time how long it takes for them to find a phone number, or an address or even to book a table if you have that option on your site. One or two of the sites I visited made it really difficult to find the things a typical user could need.  Once you have completed the experiment, make a plan on how to improve your site such as including the phone number and email on every page of your site.

Social Media

Some people may come across your site at a time when they may not require a restaurant in the near future, but they may like the look of it so the best way to be kept at the back of their mind is by using social media. Get them to follow you on twitter or like you on facebook and remember to share regularly so they see your page on their news feed every now and then. Another great thing to do is share promotions or deals that might persuade them to try you out.Does your restaurant have loads of great reviews on Trip Advisor? A great thing to do is show off your TripAdvisor page if you have plenty of positive reviews to show to your users. People love to read reviews and with so many restaurants to choose from, it could become the deal breaker between you and your competitor.

I hope these tips have been useful, and would love to hear if you guys think of any along the way. Check out our main blog page to find restaurant marketing tips and tricks to help improve your maintenance. Catch you next week guys.

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